Asphalt Products  
Michael Cronin (Readymix) operates a CE Marked asphalt manufacturing facility at Keim Quarry, Millstreet, Co. Cork. Keim Quarry is located south of Millstreet and has a large reserve of high PSV (Polished Stone Value) sandstone chips.

The recently installed KVM Asphalt Batch Plant was commissioned in October 2007 and has a production capacity of 160 tonnes per hour. It is a modern, touch control plant with a fully automated batching system.

Production quality control is ensured by the accuracy and self check mechanism of the KVM control system and the plant itself is backed up by an extensive on site laboratory. This new facility is fitted with extensive testing equipment, allowing aggregate grading, flakiness index and binder recovery by ignition and soluble methods. Binder content and material grading is carried out daily on all production runs by the on site technician.
Macadam Products

10mm DBM Wearing Course
10mm Open Texture Wearing Course
14mm DBM Wearing Course
14mm Open Texture Wearing Course
14mm HPSV Wearing Course
20mm DBM Base Course
28mm DBM Road Base
10mm Red Dye Wearing Course
14mm Red Dye Wearing Course
Thin Layer Surfacing

Cold Mix Products
10mm Delay Set
Stabilised Wet Mix
Wet Mix (Clause 810)

Asphalt Products
30% Hot Rolled Asphalt (HRA)
40% Hot Rolled Asphalt (HRA)
55% Hot Rolled Asphalt (HRA)