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Our range of concrete blocks are manufactured in Killarney, Co. Kerry.


Aggregates and water are mixed with a blend of CEM2 and GGBS cement in our automated wet batch process. The mixture is then fed into a Finlay block machine. The block forms produced are laid on our concrete block yard to cure, before being strapped and stacked. The concrete blocks are then stored for a minimum of 28 days, to allow them to attain maximum strength prior to being dispatched.

Product Range

MC Group produces an extensive range of concrete blocks, to suit a variety of building requirements and applications.
The specifications of the concrete building blocks we supply are as follows:

Block Type Dimensions
4″ Standard Blocks 215 X 100 X 440mm
6″ Standard Blocks 215 X 140 X 440mm
14″ Block 100 X 215 X 330mm
Cavity Block 215 X 215 X 440mm
12″ Block 300 X 100 X 440mm
L-Shaped (half) 75 X 110 300mm
L-Shaped (full) 150 X 215 X 140mm
U-Shaped Block 215 X 215 X 440mm
Squint blocks 100 X 215 X 200mm
2″ Pads 50 X 215 X 440mm
2.5″ Pads 65 X 215 X 440mm
3″ Soaps 100 X 75 X 440mm
4″ Soaps 100 X 100 X 440mm
6″ Soaps 100 X 140 X 440mm
Stock Bricks 65 X 100 X 215mm


Our 4-inch and 6-inch standard concrete blocks can be manufactured in a variety of strengths – ranging from 7.5N to 13.5N.


Our concrete blocks are available for delivery throughout Cork, Kerry and West Limerick.


MC group building blocks undergo a rigorous control testing system and comply with current IS EN 771-3 material standards.



Declaration of performance

ISEN771-3 Cert